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Subject: Commons Act 2006 Implementation Update No.26

Commons Act 2006 Implementation Update No.26

22 November 2013

This is number 26 in a series of emails to update you on the implementation of the Commons Act 2006 (‘the 2006 Act’).  In this update:

·       The Brendon Commons Council Establishment Order 2013

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The Brendon Commons Council Establishment Order 2013

We recently consulted on the draft 2013 Order on the basis that if substantial support was shown, the Secretary of State would make the Order.

There were 53 responses and 47 (89%) responded in favour of the Order and 6 (11%) were against it. Regarding persons with a legal interest, to whom particular regard must be paid, responses were received from the commoners, the landowner and the Exmoor National Park Authority. There were 46 responses, 40 (87%) were in favour and 6 (13%) were against.

The Secretary of State is satisfied that substantial support was demonstrated and has made the Order, which will be laid in Parliament. The Brendon Commons Council will become the first made under the Commons Act 2006.

The consultation summary has been published here:


Further information

More information about the 2006 Act is available at: 

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